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Enter to win a FREE "My Feet Are On The Rock" Tshirt/CD Bundle!

Join the Westward Road family for a chance to win a free my to feet are on the rock t-shirt and love has one CD plus a devotion, studio, lyric, and live videos of the song straight to your inbox for FREE.

There is something special about standing on the solid rock and being set free from our self imposed prisons.  Many times, we find ourselves trapped behind bars of regret, shame, fear… in all kinds of emotions when God has already turned the key, opened the door and set us free.  We believe there is freedom in trusting in God and it's time to embrace that freedom.  Join the Westward Road Family today as we celebrate being set free with a stylish,"My Feet Are On The Rock" Tshirt and accompanying CD, "Love Has Won."  All you have to do is click, "Join the fam!" below to register to win!

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