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G I V E  M O N T H L Y

    What if you could receive video content that lifted you up, inspired you and gave you hope?  That's what Westward Road is all about, spreading hope!  We sing songs that lift you up.  We're all about having fun, singing the songs of our hearts and helping others do the same.  When you sign up to become a patron, yes, you are signing up to receive tons of cool, uplifting and inspiring music and video content.  But, in reality, you are signing up to support our goal of spreading hope to a hopeless world.  
    So, sign up to give monthly.  And know this.  Whatever your level of support, we truly value your contribution to our ministry more than you know.  We couldn't travel the United States, sharing the hope of Jesus, without your help.  So, from the bottom of our hearts...Thank you!

G I V E  A  O N E  T I M E  G I F T

 If you would like to give a secure, one time monetary gift via PayPal to support the ministry of Westward Road,  click the "Donate" button. Thank you very much for believing in us!  

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